The Only 12 Exercises You Need To Get In Shape

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There are many myths around getting in shape. Don’t let crazy gym addicts convince you that you need to enroll in the greatest gym in town or purchase all the latest gadgets and artifacts.

The reality is, all you need is your own body! It can be used as a resistance that is more than enough to make you break a sweat.

Here are The Only 12 Exercises You Need To Get In Shape.




With your hands under your shoulders, put your feet hip-width apart. It is important that your body be straight, like a plank, from your head to your hips.

When you lower your body, your elbows must stay close to your body.

If you need to make it a little easier, separate your feet a little more. For those who are starting off after a long time, you can put your knees on the ground and do them so.




This position is the basic position for the push up. You need to tighten your glutes or buttocks, your core and tuck your chin in. Look at the floor to make sure your body is aligned.

You shouldn’t shake. If your body is shaking, it means you are going too far or doing it wrong. Do it for shorter periods and combine it with other exercises to strengthen your core.




On your back, your feet need to be flat on the floor right by your buttocks, bending your knees. To lift your hips, contract your abs and buttocks.

Go as high as you can keeping the position correctly and with tight abs. It is better to do reach a lower height correctly, than to compromise the exercise because you want to feel like you’ve gone really high.




Starting in a plan position, your right foot needs to go to the outside of your right hand. It should land flat and then go back to the plank position. Then bring the left foot to the outside of your left hand. Bring back to the plank position and repeat with the other side.

Your ads need to be tightened to keep the body aligned, especially the hips. Don’t let your shoulders mover, they need to be above your hands.




In the plank position, use your right hand to tap your left shoulder. Back to the plank position and repeat with the left hand on the right should. Plank position again and repeat.

Once again, your core needs to be tight, as well as your glutes. This will help you keep the weight centered throughout.




Standing up with your feet hip-width apart, allowing your toes to turn a little and your chest tall, look ahead and bend your knees. Make sure the knees are in line with your toes and go as low as you can, without shaking.

Don’t let your feet off the ground and keep the weight on the whole feet, not your toes.




Standing up straight,your chest must be kept up. Take a step to the side by transferring the weight through the midfoot and heel. Go as low as you can, without having your muscles shake.

The leg that stays put need to stay straight and the other flexes without letting your knee past your toe.




Your chest must be kept up, and your arms held straight in front of you, moving them backwards as you jump. Start standing up straight, squat down until your thighs are parallel to the floor. Moving your arms, jump as high as possible while exhaling.

Do not let your knees past your toes or your weight on your toes while you squat.




Stand up straight and take a long step forward. Your front knee needs to be at 90 degrees, while you go as low as possible. Don’t let your back knee touch the floor and keep your torso straight.

Keeping your weight distributed on both feet evenly throughout. Jump and switch the position of your feet. The arms need to go in the opposite direction as their corresponding leg.




Stand up straight with a flat back and a tight core. Your weight must be distributed evenly. One leg needs to be raised behind you, while straight. Meanwhile, bend forward at the hips.

Do not force to go further than you can. It needs to be one smooth movement. Stand up straight again and repeat with the same leg until finished. Only then switch to the other leg.

You rback must stay straight throughout, so touching the ground with your fingers is a big no-no.




Start off by standing upright. Take one big step backwards, keeping your front knee at 90 degree angle and your chest up.

Your weight must be evenly distributed between both feet. Your back knee can lightly touch the floor.

Your arms move in the opposite direction as the leg on the same side.




Your legs must stay straight as long as you can hold – without shaking or feeling any pain – and your back must be flat. Bend until your hands reach the floor. Your core must be tight while you walk with your hand forward until you reach plank position. Then walk back again with your hands until you are standing upright.


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