43 Hydrating Recipes for Summer

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43 Healthy & Hydrating Recipes for Summer

As the weather gets hotter, it takes a lot more effort to stay hydrated, especially when sweating outdoors or spending a long day at the beach. While there is no universal formula for how much water you need to consume, the benefits of getting enough are huge (and dehydration is no joke). But guzzling a ton of H20 is hard to make a habit! The solution? Eat your water! Twenty percent of our daily water intake comes from food. Whether it’s fruits and veggies that often contain more than 90 percent water or foods like chia that help the body absorb water, filling up on foods like the ones featured below makes it easier (and tastier) to hydrate [1]. We found 43 H2-Outstanding meals and snacks to help you hydrate all day long. Plus, most of these recipes don’t require a hot stove or oven, so have fun keeping cool while making them. Happy hydrating!

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